General Purchasing Terms and Conditions

1.- Preamble

The document hereunder included will govern every purchase in the website, which ownership and property is entitled to the provider of the service (hereinafter the provider).
The acceptance of this document will imply that the user:
  1. Read and understood all the information herein included.
  2. Has the legal capacity to undertake contracts as a legal or natural person such as a self-employed entrepreneur.
  3. Accepts all the obligations hereby established.
These obligations will be applicable to every purchase in this website. The provider reserves the right to unilaterally modify the purchasing terms and conditions, excepting all those acquired before the modification date.
The user should always confirm to have the mandatory legal age to use this service with an affirmative explicit declaration. Otherwise, the user would not be authorised to access, use or start any commercial activity in this website.

2.- Identity of the Parties

On the one side, the Provider:

ID Number: 40349303N
Registered Office: C/ Oslo 95   -  17480 ROSES (GIRONA)
Telephone Number: 655343845
Website :
E-mail Address :

On the other side, the User.

3.- Subject of the Contract

This contract is aimed to regulate the commercial relationship between the PROVIDER and the user started once the user ticks the corresponding box during the contracting process.
This commercial relationship implies the delivery of a determined product in return of the price publicly published on the website.

4.- General Information 

Both parties accept these general purchasing terms and conditions, excepting those special ones privately agreed with a determined client which should be specified in this way.
THE PROVIDER is not liable for any inadequate use of the products commercialized in this website by the user.

5.- Purchasing Process

The purchasing process will be completed in the language selected by the user in the website at the beginning of the purchasing process. The prices and delivery conditions in this website will be exclusively applicable to the national territory and in accordance with the Spanish  law. The currency used will exclusively be the euro.
The user should previously be registered to purchase any of the products offered by the PROVIDER.
Once the customer clicks the tab 'purchase' to select the product, the items will be added to the 'shopping cart' and could be verified at any time. Moreover, the number of units ordered could be increased, modified or cancelled. 

6.- Order Delivery

The orders will be delivered in the commercial address freely designated by the user. The deliveries will be effected by a courier, transport agency or any other means designated for this purpose at any time and the delivery time will be determined according to the destination. Therefore, the provider shall not be responsible for any failed delivery if the address provided by the user were false, inaccurate or incomplete, or if the delivery could not be effected due to reasons beyond the  designated shipping company control, like the absence of the addressee.
The approximate delivery time and availability will vary according to different factors such as the characteristics of the purchased products, destination area, quantity of units, transport incidents, etc.
The delivery date of the purchased product will be confirmed when a true proof of payment were received.

7.- Price and shipping costs

The product price shall be the one indicated in the description, which includes the applicable Value Added Tax (VAT).
Whether there were not enough stock of a determined product, the occasional lack of availability shall be communicated as soon as possible in order to wait for the product to arrive to stock or to withdraw the initial order. Therefore, the PROVIDER cannot guarantee the product availability.
The products will be delivered in the address indicated by the client in the data box aimed for this purpose. The client assumes that the price of some products could change in real time, provided that it has always been previously communicated to the user.
After every received payment, the provider shall issue and send the corresponding invoice  to the user. The aforementioned invoice must include all the applicable taxes if there were any.

8.- Payment terms

The payment address shall be the one of the bank designated for this purpose and by means of transfer payment or deposit in the following bank account:  ES2400490033642111739771. Western Union and TPV payment gateway are also accepted.

9.- Delivery process

Once the payment is confirmed, after the choice of the product and the acceptance of the purchase conditions, the sending will be prepared to be delivered in the address previously provided. Orders will be generally delivered in a period of no more than 24 hours within the national territory, and in a period of between 24 and 72 hours for international deliveries. These time limits could be changed by the transport agencies in charge of the deliveries, and consequently no delay related to this situation would be a responsibility of our company.
The delivery time will start once the order payment is confirmed and the delivery costs shall be assumed by the client. For orders over 12 bottles, an extra free-of-charge piece will be sent.

10.- Returns

If the goods received were defective, faulty, incomplete or incorrect, the situation will be reported as soon as possible in order to receive a proper answer and solution to the problem. 
For this purpose and also for both parties tranquillity, the delivery note must always be revised to verify that it is correct.
The costs resulting from the delivery replacement could be covered by either the company or the client, depending on the cause of the return.

11.- Limitation of liability

The product purchase and/or consume shall always be under the responsibility of the buyer. The company declines any possible responsibility associated to it. In accordance to the applicable legislation ruling the product commercialization in each country, the client will be responsible of the purchase attending to the previous information about it. 
Therefore, the company shall never be responsible for any legal problems that may arise from any client's purchase from a country which legislation bans the products hereby commercialized. The client should be informed about the local laws applicable to this matter due to the fact that no refunds will be granted to compensate goods seized or rejected by the customs while discharging their duties.

12.- Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These conditions shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the Spanish law. Not only the PROVIDER, but also the user agree to submit any controversy arising from the provision of the products and services subject to the aforementioned conditions to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Girona, Spain.