Cannawine is a different wine if compared to any other in the market.

Its composition makes it a unique product able to contain in just one bottle not only the medicinal capacities of wine but also the properties of cannabis sativa L.

The combination of wine with non-psychoactive cannabinoids like CBD, together with 86 more, allows you to experience good savour, aroma, and taste while enjoying CBD, or cannabidiol, therapeutic qualities.

These qualities together with the relaxing, anti-stress, joyful, euphoric effect of wine make Cannawine an exclusive product accessible for all diners.

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Cannabis extract with CBD

Cbd or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that comes from cannabis sativa L. plant, being the most abundant one in it. From a scientific perspective, a total of 88 cannabinoids have been discovered.

The discovery of these cannabinoids, together with the knowledge about their interaction with the human body, has resulted in a new medicinal approach.

Scientific and medical studies have been very positive. The use of CBD has proved to be effective with different pathologies, reducing symptoms and improving users' quality of life. Considering that it is not psychoactive, users can lead a normal life taking advantage of the therapeutic benefits provided.

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'A new concept in the world cannabis'


Un certament,que se está posicionando en el panorama internacional.


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